The JavaScript library for building software with the Actor Model



Quick Start


Use the tools that you already know to implement your application. It’s only based on standard features of ES6 like classes and Promises.


Actors are async and non-blocking by default. Write fast code that can handle thousands of messages in parallel without harming other actors.


Designed to be easy to extend and adapt, implement your own materializers to add persistence or rendering to your actors.


Implemented in TypeScript, gives you the ability to write safe and easy to understand code. Your editor will give you realistic and useful suggestions easily thanks to TypeScript typings.

Runs everywhere

Because it uses only standard ES6 features, you can run it in the frontend and backend easily.


A ready-to-run library that is 10KB minified (using Uglify3 and rollup)

Try It!

You can try Tarant in CodePen and play a bit with it. The implemented example counts the number of seconds elapsed and updates a HTML element with the count.

See the Pen tarant quick-start example by Kevin Mas Ruiz (@kmruiz) on CodePen.

If you want to learn more about Tarant, feel free to take a look at the Getting Started guide.

For a more advanced web applications, we have a vue.js integration module that simplifies the integration with vue.js and actors.